Privacy Policy

Any submitted forms used by our customers to ask for further information is treated securely and is not passed on to third parties. We use the information to reply to you in regard to questions you have asked or for further information requested. Any form submission is deleted after a reply has been issued.

All data is only used by us for company purposes. We do not pass on any information received by us to third parties. Nor do we sell information to others.

We respect the sensitive data of our users and we protect their privacy.

As website owners (data controllers/data processors) we do not currently send out newsletters but should we decide to at some point we will of course take all safeguards necessary to protect the mail contact from any unauthorized access/unlawful use.

We confirm no customer data is passed on and any data that is retained is only at our company premises for company practices as we have outlined above.

See our Cookie policy for our policy on cookies - link is at the bottom of the page

Visitors to our website are welcome to contact us if they have any concerns about our privacy policies. Please contact Dorte Matthews