Creative Writing for Business

The innovative and captivating language skill set to engage new and existing clients and customers.

Put your business in the fast lane with this comprehensive creative writing course designed to give a strong emphasis on story and corporate narrative.

"Master the Art of Business Writing: Unlock Your Creative Potential"

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Creative Writing for Business

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, grappling with the words that just won't come out the way you want them to?

Do you find yourself struggling to articulate your ideas effectively in the professional realm, wishing you had the finesse to craft compelling narratives that captivate your audience?

Take your organisation to the next level with this immersive creative writing course with a strong focus on story and business narrative.

Over the course of ten weeks, your employees will learn fundamental storytelling skills and secrets, enabling teams and individuals to create a gripping business narrative, elevating the company to compete with and surpass the next level of competition.

The course includes the following elements tailor-made for a perfect fit with you and your organisation:

  • Storytelling Structure and Delivery
  • Case Studies in Narrative and why they work
  • Vocabulary “to die for”
  • The Corporate Character Arc
  • Power Words and Trigger Words as well as when to use them
  • Depth – harnessing the power of Senses and Setting in the Corporate Narrative
  • Essential Pacing for Content
  • Effective Endings with a strong Call to Action
  • Tantalising Cliffhangers and much more

With a focus on power words effectively placed in an engaging narrative, participants applying the insider tips and techniques of Creative Writing for Business will improve both their English language skills, and create winning content applicable across a variety of platforms, including internal communications, presentations, email, and Social Media.



The course can be taken at your home, at one of our teaching rooms, or at your office.


The potential rewards and benefits for you, your employees, and the company are infinite.


What words to use and when to use them. Communicate your message using attention-seeking vocabulary.

Improve your Business

Learn fundamental storytelling skills and secrets to take control of the narrative and engage your clients on a higher level.

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At first I was skeptical about the idea of creative writing for business, but only after the first few lessons with Chris, I could see the major potential is has for my communication skills. This course is very versatile, and I highly recommend it.


I took this course, because I am in charge of the communication in my company. This course really helped me take my skills to the next level.


I first took the Creative Writing for Business course because I needed to write a company narrative. What I found was that this course gave me the skills I needed to take my writing to the next level. This course is so versatile and helpful!


I never realized how important storytelling was to my business, and this course has helped me to understand so much more.


The course empowered me to come up with interesting content that our target audience finds relevant and engaging. I highly recommend it.


Course Instructor

Chris Paton, Master of Arts in Professional Writing, full-time author, English native speaker

Chris Paton

Course Instructor

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