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Intensive Danish Language Course

Intensive Danish Language Course

Intensive Danish Language Course lessons can be taken individually or in groups and are the fastest and most efficient way of learning Danish. With intensive Danish classes you will learn from our fully qualified and experienced teachers as speedily as possible. We are specialists at teaching the Danish language.

We have helped thousands of learners to already acheive their goal. The breif details below give an indication of what this course can cover but realistically it will be adpated to your needs. For example if your goal is to be proficient in speaking Danish and understanding Danish speakers then the course will be planned to include more conversational practice speaking Danish and listening to Danish.

Brief Details
  • Learn correct pronunciation
  • Grammar and reading comprehension
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Understand Danish culture
  • Intensive Danish Lessons or lessons spread out at slower pace
  • Free Introductory meeting
  • Private and/or Companies
  • Individual lessons or in Groups
  • Flexible teaching times between 8:00 and 22:00
  • Quick Course Start up Begin within a week.
  • Course can be taken at your home, at one of our teaching rooms or at your offices.

This Intensive Danish Language Course is the quickest and most intensive way for you to learn the Danish Language.

Whether in small groups or as an individual, our experienced tutors will help you learn at the fastest speed and guide you in the right direction. Your learning will be interesting, fun, and rewarding.

International Communication are well known for our expertise and professionalism of teaching the Danish language. Our teachers and instructors are the most highly skilled and experienced in Denmark.

We offer courses for private individuals as well as companies and are available to be held across the whole country.

We can structure the course to your requirements. We can also adapt the course if you have special requirements.

Many people from all around the world are working in, or have moved to Denmark and need to learn Danish. Although many Danes speak and understand other languages (German and English in particular) it is in your interest to learn Danish if you wish to truly express yourself effectively in Denmark. Being culturally aware is also important and will help you to succeed on a personal and/or business level.

An Intensive Danish Language Course may be the course that you need in order to make the most of your time and your opportunities in Denmark. Fast and effective.

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