Creative Writing for Professionals

Creative Writing for Professionals

An innovative and captivating language skill set to enhance your content and engage readers.

Take your English writing skills to the next level with this immersive and creative writing course with a strong focus on story and professional narrative. Participants have the choice to take the course over a time period that fits around their weekly schedules. Participants will learn fundamental storytelling skills and secrets, enabling teams and individuals to create engaging narrative suited to their field.Take your organisation to the next level with this immersive creative writing course with a strong focus on story and business narrative.

With a focus on power words effectively placed in a professional context, participants applying the insider tips and techniques of Enhanced Creative Writing for Professionals will improve both their English language skills and create winning content applicable across a variety of platforms, including newsletters, internal communications, presentations, and Social Media.

The course includes the following elements tailor-made to meet the needs of your institution:

  • Storytelling Structure and Delivery
  • Case Studies in Narrative and why they work
  • Vocabulary “to die for”
  • The Professional Narrative Arc
  • Power Words and when to use them
  • Depth – harnessing the power of Senses and Setting in the Corporate Narrative
  • Essential Pacing for Content
  • Trigger Words and Actions and when to use them
  • Effective Endings with a strong Call to Action
  • Tantalising Cliffhangers and much more
  • Course can be taken at your home, at one of our teaching rooms or at your offices.

The possibilities for applying skills learned on Creative Writing for Professionals are endless.

The potential rewards and benefits for you, your employees, and the company are infinite.

Course Instructor: Chris Paton, Master of Arts in Professional Writing, full-time author, English native speaker

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