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You can ask us by mail: dorte@intcom.dk ---- or ring 7026 2460 ---- or fill out our contact form

We start up new courses from day to day. Start tomorrow or next week the choice is yours. Week ends and after work are also possible. Ring us or write to us for full details.
We offer a no-obligation meeting with the teacher, where you get the opportunity to discuss the content of the course, the structure and talk about your expectations and goals. On the basis of your current language level and the aims of the course, the teacher will devise a competency assessment and a course plan.
IC has a detailed online test that will take you max. 45 minutes to complete. This gives us a good indication of your present language level before you meet the teacher.
The course will be customised according to your wishes, needs and goals, based upon your current language proficiency.
International Communication are able to offer private teaching at your workplace, at your house or in one of our teaching rooms. IC has teaching facilities in many of the larger towns in Denmark.
Our teachers will always ask you, how much time you have for homework. It is up to you, but we recommend at least one hour of homework between lessons.
Your course is available for normally a period of up to 18 months. You should call the head office and let them know you need a break and why, so that suitable arrangements can be made for you.
There is no age limit.
IC has teachers situated most places in Denmark and therefore normally there are no extra costs added for the teachers driving.
Most people spend between 2-6 hours per week for classes.
We offer both native and Danish teachers. All our teachers have teaching qualifications and experience.
We will provide you with a certificate at the end of your course free of charge. It will be a PDF that will show your final level in accordance with the CEF scale.
To give you the best price and advice we need to know more details about your requirements. We would like you to call or write to us, so we can help you choose which course is the most suitable and cost effective for your needs.
The "Intensive Danish Course" is a comprehensive language program designed for individuals who want to quickly improve their Danish language skills. It is an accelerated course that covers all aspects of the Danish language, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners.

"Danish for Beginners" is specifically tailored for individuals who have little or no prior knowledge of the Danish language. It focuses on building a solid foundation in Danish grammar, vocabulary, and basic conversation skills. This course is ideal for those who are starting from scratch and want to learn the fundamentals of the language.

"Danish for Foreigners" is a course designed for non-native speakers of Danish. It takes into consideration the specific needs and challenges faced by foreigners learning Danish. This course typically covers a wide range of topics, including pronunciation, sentence structure, cultural insights, and practical communication skills. It aims to help foreigners become proficient in Danish and effectively navigate various real-life situations.

In summary, while all three courses aim to teach Danish language skills, they differ in terms of intensity, target audience, and focus. The "Intensive Danish Course" is a more advanced and comprehensive program, while "Danish for Beginners" is aimed at those with no prior knowledge. "Danish for Foreigners" specifically caters to the needs of non-native speakers.