Learn To Speak Any Language Online Via Skype

Learn To Speak a Language Online Via Skype

Have you ever wanted to express yourself better in another language?
Have you ever wanted a flexible way of learning a language?
Has your use of a language ever been misunderstood?
Want to learn a new language or improve?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. Choose a language. If you are interested in a language that is not shown please let us know ( contact information ), we have teachers in all major languages.

Learn To Speak Danish Online Learn To Speak English Online
Aim of this Online Language Learning Course
  • To Improve your pronounciation and clarity.
  • To understand and be understood.
  • Converse more expressively and with confidence.
  • Use a more varied and more advanced vocabulary.
  • All of these aims are applicable to business as well as personal conversation.

Brief Details - Language Learning Course Online
  • Flexible arrangements for learning times.
  • A versatile course structure so you can gain maximum benefit.
  • Course can be adjusted to suit the your needs.
  • You will be tutored by an experienced qualified language teacher.
  • Communication is via Skype.

Learn To Speak a Language

Online Via Skype

  • Skype software is free to use.
  • No telephone charges.
  • You will need a PC with a camera, sound and a microphone to communicate.

What's included in the Price
  • Free meeting with teacher with regard to organization of the course.
  • Expert advice and constructive feedback from your tutor.
  • Flexiblity - course adjusted to suit your needs. Ideal for busy professionals.

Vi ser frem til dit opkald eller skriftlige henvendelse. Vi besvarer altid din forespørgsel inden for 24 timer.

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