Research Methods

Research Methods

About the Course/Seminar
Our Research Methods course, which is also available as a seminar, is designed for those who want to better understand how to use the research sources available in English. Participants will become familiar with a variety of sources that can be used in different fields of research and/or work. Those who participate in either this seminar or course will come away with a firmer grasp on where to find reliable sources that can help them in future research and other projects.

Target Group
Our Research Methods course and seminar are aimed at those who are either studying at the college/university level or are about to start college or university. Participants in this course will become familiar with reliable English sources that can help them write papers and research projects.

With the vast amount of information at our fingertips in the modern world, it is important that those who do research are aware of the resources available and are able to identify the differences between reliable and unreliable sources. This course and seminar are designed to give participants a better understanding of where they can look for information in English.

Course/seminar material will be provided for the participants when they meet for the course or seminar. When a group from an organization wants a course together, the material will address the specific needs of the organization.

Participants of this course/seminar should expect to learn some if not all of the following:
  •         Research ethics
  •         Finding and identifying reliable sources
  •         Recognizing unreliable sources
  •         Critically assessing material
  •         Plagiarism and paraphrasing
  •         Using bibliographies to find resources
  •         Techniques of data collection

Participants are encouraged to bring their own computers and writing materials.

Research Methods is offered as either a one-day intensive seminar or a two-day intensive course.

All participants who successfully complete a course or seminar will receive a diploma.
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Kursisternes Oplevelser

Underviseren havde god indlevelsesevne til at vurdere niveau og improvisere når et bestemt problem blev rejst.

Mogens Solgaard,
Axiell Scandinavia A/S

Det har været et godt kursus, som jeg bestemt kan anbefale til andre. M.v.h. Lene.

Lene Bentzen Sørensen,
Sydbank A/S

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