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Academic Writing Course Online

Academic Writing Course Online

This course is designed to improve general academic writing skills in the following key areas: Vocabulary, grammar, introductions, conclusions, linking ideas, and punctuation.

  • To provide an opportunity to practice academic writing skills
  • To improve understanding of academic vocabulary
  • To improve understanding of the grammar of academic writing
  • To improve confidence and knowledge of English punctuation
  • To improve knowledge of writing introductions, conclusions, and linking ideas
  • To offer feedback on specific writing issues.
Target Group

The course is suitable for those new to academic writing in English as well as offering an opportunity for more experienced academics to brush up on and improve their existing writing skills.
You need to improve your academic writing skills with special attention to vocabulary, grammar, reflective reading and punctuation.

  • Introduction: take our online test
  • Two intensive one-hour Skype meetings: the first to discuss your learning goals in depth and provide initial support; the second to offer face-to-face feedback and enable you as an independent learner
  • Your own work-related assignments can be included (academic texts)
  • You will have to deliver 6 written assignments in total
  • Each assignment will be corrected, returned and attached with a new assignment
  • The instructor will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have during the course
  • Increased knowledge of academic vocabulary
  • Understanding of grammar specific to academic writing
  • Knowledge of English punctuation rules.
  • Ability to reflect on own writing style
  • Can write more confidently
  • Can assess own writing needs for future study
  • Can distinguish between general and academic language.
Services include

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that a set of provisions is included in our service:

  • Testing the course participant's language level with our extensive web-interface
  • We use the approved European grading of the Common European Framework (CEF)
  • Flexible lesson and assignment deadlines
  • Certificate on completion of the course
Cost includes

Course assignments, relevant course book, language test and test results online, expert advisory service, and constructive feedback from inspiring tutor. Flexibility - the course will be adapted to your personal requirements. There are no further costs connected with the course.


Academic Writing Instructor - William Frost
William Frost, International Communication A/S

- William Frost is a member of EATAW (European Association of Teaching Academic Writing) and BALEAP (British Association of Lecturers in English for Academis Purposes).

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