Academic Writing and Punctuation Courses

Academic writing is aimed at those who use academic English for research, teaching or study.

The course is suitable for early career researchers, those new to using English for research writing, seasoned academics who require a refresher course, and students on bachelor and masters courses where the competency in academic English is a requirement.

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Main course aims:

1. Improve writing clarity and precision

2. Enhance ability to articulate ideas effectively

3. Boost academic and professional confidence

4. Develop self-editing skills

5. Refine knowledge of academic punctuation rules

Course benefits:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of academic grammar and punctuation rules: you will gain an in-depth understanding of the various rules of grammar and punctuation, enabling you to effectively structure your writing for maximum clarity and impact.

2. Strengthen arguments: punctuation can help to strengthen the arguments you make in your writing, which is essential for producing clear and convincing academic texts.

3. Improve the clarity of written communication: you will develop the ability to craft clear and concise writing enabling you to effectively communicate your ideas to readers without ambiguity or confusion.

4. Enhance research skills: learning how to structure and organise your writing, you will hone your research skills, making it easier to locate relevant references and information.

5. Facilitate knowledge: correct use of grammar and punctuation, will allow you to produce more credible and reliable academic texts improving the production and sharing of knowledge within the academic community.

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At first I was skeptical about the idea of a creative writing course for business. But when I joined the class and learned all about the different types of stories and how to apply them to my business, it really helped me to be more effective in my marketing and branding.


It has helped me tremendously in the workplace. I'm able to write with more clarity and creativity, and it's made my job easier.


I first took the Creative Writing for Business course because I needed to write a company narrative. What I found was that this course gave me the skills I needed to take my writing to the next level. This course is so versatile and helpful!


I never realized how important storytelling was to my business, and this course has helped me understand so much more.


The course empowered me to come up with interesting content that our target audience finds relevant and engaging. I highly recommend it.


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